Guest Workshop 6

Knees and hips: “Moving on up”



Guest Workshop 6 / 24th June (6 Hours)


Given by Jennifer Paynter, internationally renowned foot specialist and Pilates Master & Author and star of the DVD : ”Feet for Living, Feet for Life”


Course Contents

This Course moves on to a higher level of expertise. With the use of appropriate Pilates apparatus, we will progress to more advanced exercising techniques with a view to achieving precise placing of the hips and lower limbs in perfect alignment and balance. Every physical activity requires its own specific movements, which need to be practiced in a position of strength and flexibility. In order to ensure long lasting improvement, it is vital to realize the importance of learning fresh movement patterns by “discarding the old and establishing the new”. Participants will learn to recognize weaknesses as well as how to tailor correctional techniques to suit the needs of individuals, be they of the non-sporting kind or accomplished dancers and athletes. And finally they themselves will experience such exercises, while constantly practising appropriate hands-on teaching skills. Special additional attention will be given to the training of dance students and/or athletes.





Guest Workshop 5 : Feet ” Put your Foot Down, Stand Tall and Jump for Joy ” required. Comprehensive Pilates certification at an advanced level and minimum 6 months teaching experience


Course Times

10h00-13h00, 14h00-17h00

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Course Notes



CHF 400.00 (CHF 750 for the 23rd and 24th of June)


6 CEC hours