Guest Workshop 5

Feet: “Put your Foot Down, Stand Tall and Jump for Joy”



Guest Workshop 5 / 23rd June (6 Hours)


Given by Jennifer Paynter, internationally renowned foot specialist and Pilates Master & Author and star of the DVD : ”Feet for Living, Feet for Life”


“Our feet form the foundation of our bodies. It is now proven that weakness or instability within the feet will inevitably have a detrimental affect on muscles and joints throughout the body, leading to poor posture and even injury.”


Course Contents

The feet are the foundation on which the body rests. Therefore “FEET FIRST” is the philosophy of this course. We will make a study of the legs and feet of those present, standing and walking, analyse the information, show how to identify physical “mismanagement” in feet, ankles, knees and hips and assist participants to realign their feet and legs and become fully aware of the carriage of their bodies. A large number of exercises will be practiced and learned. Emphasis will be placed on a safe, responsible progression of exercises aimed at achieving optimum movement, stability and strength within these areas. Whether for a supreme athlete or someone less active, prevention of injury is the first priority. Rehabilitation is a close second. Happy feet make aging so much more comfortable.





Pilates teacher and/or movement professional (including but not limited to physiotherapists, osteopaths, kinesiologists, sports and performance science professionals, dancers and dance teachers) and for anyone who would like to know more about the importance of their feet.


Course Times

10h00-13h00, 14h00-17h00

Course Language


Course Notes



CHF 400.00 (CHF 750 for the 23rd and 24th of June)


6 CEC hours