Matwork Module 1


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Initiation and Level 1

The Swissbody® Pilates Academy Initiation and Level 1 Matwork course is designed to be of special interest to those wanting to learn the basics of postural alignment and of core and scapular stability. Core stability has been proven to be an essential factor in back and pelvic floor rehabilitation and is of utmost importance for, not only correct Pilates training, but the training of all athletes and long term, safe rehabilitation. Correct scapular stability is also essential for correct postural alignment, upper back strength and shoulder injury prevention and treatment.


Who benefits from this course?

All individuals aspiring to become Pilates instructors will find this course essential in providing a strong foundation. Additionally, physiotherapists, chiropractors, dance teachers and sport coaches (rowing, ice skating, boxing, tennis, golf, etc.) wishing to improve not only the performance of their athletes but also to reduce their susceptibility to injury, will benefit from the knowledge acquired in this course.


Course Contents:

  • The Swissbody Pilates philosophy: how and why it works?
  • Postural assessments and correct postural alignment
  • The most common postural faults and imbalances and how to correct them
  • Stretching verses strengthening
  • The Pilates principles and why they work
  • The use of neutral pelvis/spine in Pilates
  • Correct Pilates breathing
  • Lumbar stabilization and specific exercises
  • Pelvic stabilization and specific exercises
  • Scapular stabilization and specific exercises
  • The bones of the spinal column
  • Specific exercises to move the spine correctly
  • Specific exercises for the problem of kyphosis
  • The Serratus Anterior and it’s importance as a scapular stabilizer
  • Specific exercises to work the Serratus Anterior
  • Specific exercises for the problem of lordosis
  • A study of the pelvic floor muscles
  • A study of the pelvic floor seen on Dynamic MRI.
  • How to teach a client to use the pelvic floor muscles and specifi c exercises
  • Safe stretching
  • The use of hands and touch while teaching
  • Teaching skills to put clients at ease
  • Evolving from starter to beginner to early intermediate exercises
  • Daily teaching practice of all exercises learned






All exercises are studied in-depth, including the name

of the exercise, description, goal, correct movement and

breathing, primary muscles utilized, watch points, special

cases, and imagery as an enriching teaching tool.




Exam Pre-requisites
* Before the course
** After the course
*/** Before or after the course

*Demonstrated understanding of functional anatomy.
*At least 20 hours of personal Pilates training within the last 12 months at a Swissbody® recognized studio.
**Minimum 20 hours of observation at a Swissbody® recognized studio.


Course Structure

36 hours (6 days)

Total Cumulative Hours

76 hours

Daily Course times

9am-1pm and 2pm-4pm

Price of Course

CHF 1’450

Required Observation

20 hours – no charge

Exam Fee

CHF 240

Required Personal Training

20 hours – studio prices